About us

BlackEarth Minerals NL (‘BlackEarth’ or ‘the Company’) was incorporated on 16 March 2016 with the purpose of identifying, evaluating and, if warranted, acquiring resource projects and assets in Australia and/or overseas that have the potential to add shareholder value.

To date, the Company has built a portfolio of quality graphite assets in both Western Australia and southern Madagascar.

Initially, BlackEarth will focus on early exploration for graphite on its Western Australian projects, as well as further development of the Maniry and Ianapera projects in southern Madagascar. Once listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, it may acquire additional resource projects and assets that contain, or are prospective for, minerals other than graphite.

The Company’s board and management are all highly experienced, with broad technical, operational, legal and corporate expertise in mineral exploration, finance, project acquisition, development and operation within listed public companies.

BlackEarth strives to demonstrate the value of good governance by ensuring all its decisions are made in a transparent manner that nurtures public trust and engagement.

Moreover, the Company embraces its corporate and social responsibilities as a minerals explorer and developer by adopting environmentally sound practices.

Finally, BlackEarth is committed to providing practical support for the communities in which it operates, in order to promote lasting economic and social benefits. This approach lies at the heart of BlackEarth’s policy on social and community investment.